For years I watched every episode of Fixer Upper in amazement at how Joanna and her team would work their magic and transform a house. I remember on reveal day I would pause the show to take mental notes of all the spaces she changed and how she decorated each space. I seriously cried when they announced they weren’t going to film anymore of Fixer Upper. I loved that show and their values they have as a family. Of course, when the Silos came to be and Chip went and showed Joanna those huge rusty silos I thought “wow, Chip thats an old rusty silo by the train tracks, how could they make that into anything.” Well, I was defiently wrong. When they completed the project, of course it was perfection, I dreamed of one day going to see it for myself. Well years went by and life got busy, so it took longer than expected to go and visit the famous silos.

Well…it was finally my turn to go and see it for myself!!

It was everything I had hoped for and more! It is a perfectionist’s dream! Joanna and her team thought of every detail, down to the bathrooms! I was so impressed with how they designed all the buildings from the coffee shop and bakery to the newly finished chapel. Below I will share where we stayed, ate, and shopped!


We stayed at this beautiful Airbnb! I was so excited to stay in this cool trendy modern farmhouse while in Waco! It really set the tone for the whole weekend!


“Where everyone has a seat at the table”

The first morning we went to Magnolia Table to eat. We got there around 9am and it was about an hour wait. This was on a weekday so I highly recommend trying to eat there during the week or be there before they open on the weekend. They have a market place/gift shop area where you can get coffee and quick items like cookies and sandwiches. It makes the wait go by pretty quick with the market place and the pretty scenery.

Magnolia Market at the Silos:

After breakfast we went to the silos! We did have to pay $10 to park to get a decent parking spot, but I think if you are willing to walk there were some free parking spots. We went on a Friday so it wasn’t too crowded, but I’m sure it gets crowded on the weekends. Everyone was required to wear mask and there was plenty of room for distancing. The line into the bakery was wrapped around the building and the coffee shop also had a long line so we did not go into those two buildings. We did go through the main shopping areas, the Magnolia Home store, the new chapel, and the new Magnolia shops. The chapel was breathtaking and the shops were so neat. Each individual shop has its own theme and is owned by different people. They had a store for everyone! The food trucks were open and I highly recommend the lavender lemonade! It was so good! When we were there, they were working on leveling out the yard area where the kids play so we didn’t get to see all that.

Other shops within walking distance of the Silos:

  1. The Findery is about a block away. It has two buildings and is definitely worth the short walk. I love all the southern charm. There are lots of Southern Farmhouse furniture and items. Upstairs they had clothing and jewelry for sale. Lots of one of kind finds from decor to furniture pieces.
  2. JDH Iron Design Waco location- Jimmy Don’s metal signs are right across the street from the Magnolia Home store. Jimmy Don himself was there the day we went. He was really nice!

Harp Design Co.:

After leaving the Silos, we went to Clint Harp’s woodwork, farmhouse tables, and home good store. It was a small store, so we had to wait in line since they can only have so many inside at a time. It was a very short wait, but again we went on a Friday. Clint’s shop is beautiful and filled with home decor items made out of wood and had some other home decor items. Lots of Christmas ideas for your dinning room table or mantel. The house that is right next door to Clint’s shop is the house that was on Fixer Upper. It was actually Clint and his wife’s house. They now rent the house out on Airbnb which would be a lot of fun if you have a large group going to Waco.

clint harp co
All decorated for Christmas

Little Shop on Bosque:

Little Shop on Bosque is a short drive from the Silos. The Little Shop on Bosque is Joanna Gaines’ original store. I read in her book about when she opened this shop it was a place for her to sell her furniture that she refinished and also sold some home decor items. One thing I loved about this shop is they sold “lightly” damaged items marked way down here. I scored two huge baskets for $30 each! The Shop is a great place to go if you are wanting to purchase something at a discounted price! They also had a food truck out front of the shop and were selling sweet tea and holiday tea!

Other Shops I recommend shopping at while visiting Waco:

Junque in the Trunk

The Junky Monkey

LaSalle Place Specialty Shop

The Homestead Heritage is an agrarian and craft-based intentional Christian community. I highly recommend eating at their restaurant. The shops close around 4pm so go early!

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and tips to use when visiting Waco!