If you are in the market for a ladder to meet all your project needs, then the Werner 5 in 1 Ladder is for you! I have partnered with the Home Depot Prospectiv program to bring you my review of the Werner Leansafe X5, 14ft reach height, Fiberglass, Multi-Position Ladder. When I first opened the ladder, I was so impressed! The ladder came with very clear instructions on how to change it to all the different positions.

The first position, as shown below, is the standard A frame position. This ladder can hold up to 375lbs and has a very sturdy base. The adjustable side of the ladder also angles out to increase stability.

When using the second position, you can extended it into a 14ft extension ladder. To extend the ladder up to this position you squeeze the middle clamps together and extend one of the sides up until it locks into place. This ladder position is great for your tall interior or exterior projects.

The third position is the uneven surface position. This is so handy when you have a project on uneven ground or stairs. In this position you can adjust the orange side of the ladder to fit the different angles you might need for yourproject. The ladder locks into place once you have the ladder set to where you need it.

The fourth position gives you the ability to lean against a wall or pole. With the ladder together in the closed position, you can easily lean it up against any wall in your home or on an exterior wall. The leaning position worked great against my exterior brick wall when I was cleaning the lights near the front door.

The fifth and last position is the ability to have two people stand on either side of the ladder at the same time. This would be perfect if you were needing to hang a chandelier and needed one person to hold it and the second person to install it.

A great feature about this ladder is the top of the ladder can hold tools such as a drill or impact driver. It also has a magnetic area that can hold all your screws and nails. I love that it has an area notched out for leaning against a 2×4 or skinny pole. So many great added little features to this ladder that set it apart from any ladder I’ve ever used.

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with this ladder and its numerous features. We have owned many different ladders varying in height, functionality, and all different weight limits. I am so please to have found a ladder that not only holds up to 375 lbs, but it easily adjusts to all your unique project needs. I highly recommend this ladder to beginner DIY folks all the way to the most experienced contractors. Its very durable and will last for years to come. The instructions on the side of the ladder are clear to understand and adjusting the ladder to the different positions is easy to do. Please purchase the Werner Leansafe X5 ladder through my link: https://homedepot.sjv.io/c/3231515/1356094/8154 or find them at your local Home Depot.

This ladder is also Louie approved!